Sound Panels in Fellowship Hall

Sound Panels Meetings – Come find out more about the proposal to install sound panels in Fellowship Hall. 

Echoes in the hall currently make it very hard to understand someone speaking at the podium.

After research and deliberation we are recommending that acoustic panels be installed on the ceiling and walls of Fellowship Hall for ~$16,000. We welcome input from the congregation at two meetings, one on Zoom September 28th (for the link, please email Margaret at, and one in person October 1st at 11:15 am. These will be followed by a congregational vote October 8th.

Come to one or the other. Keith Henderson will show a short PowerPoint with a mock-up of how the panels will look. This is the time for questions and discussion. We plan to keep the voting meeting on October 8th very brief.

Congregational Meeting – October 8, 2023 after the service

All members of UU Danbury are invited to join the congregation for a brief meeting on Sunday, October 8th at 11:15 am. As our by-laws require, we will be voting on whether to spend over $10,000 on sound panels for Fellowship Hall.

Per the by-laws, only those who have been a member for 60 days or more will be allowed to vote.

For questions contact Margaret Henderson, Board President.