From the Board of Trustees

You Are Invited by Nancy Cullen

You can attribute the recent auction theme, “Wizard of GenerOZity,” to me. At a Zoom meeting of the auction team in September, Jeff Asher, a new member of the team, was trying to understand how the auction worked and asked, “I’m trying to understand what is behind the curtain?” Reverend Tony had informed us that Generosity, in all its forms, was our spiritual challenge for November. With no time for subtlety, I suggested “The Wizard of GenerOZity” as an auction theme. The 1939 film “The Wizard of Oz” is the most widely seen film in movie history, and everyone is knows it. Additionally, there were colorful images to borrow, making my publicity project easier. I even used pictures of the witch in October – how easy is that? The auction team worked efficiently and effectively, like a well-oiled machine, despite the short amount of time we had. In this issue of the Comment, you will find a list of names and the amount of money raised. Barb Myers and Lisa Horton know what goes on “behind the curtain.” After volunteering for two auctions, I am just beginning to understand it myself.

Next year will be different. We will do advance planning this winter and spring in order to to have an in-person event. You are invited!

Stewardship Volunteers Needed!   
by Peter Horton                   

WANTED – someone with a passion for creative writing and theme development. Are you a good communicator who can enhance a theme, create targeted messages, and work within a series of deadlines? Sounds like copywriting and marketing, doesn’t it? Actually, it is. And it’s for our Annual Stewardship Campaign.

Our Stewardship Campaign has very little to do with finance. It has a lot to do with encouraging and reminding folks to be generous and make a commitment to UUCD. We are looking for one or two folks to work with me, Peter Horton, on next spring’s pledge campaign. As I said above, if you are a good writer and can handle deadlines, that’s just about all that we need. Let me know if you would like to help. Thanks in advance for
your consideration.