From the Board of Trustees

Happy Holidays to all!

With all that is happening in the world, I thought I would turn to the mundane for this, the first 2024 Comment article from your UUCD Board.

I expect for some it will be a relief not to talk about the news. Rather, I will discuss two policies that were approved by your Board at their December 7th meeting.

Gifts: Under what circumstances should the Board approve your generous gifts?  It turns out not to be a trivial question. Restricted gifts for funding unbudgeted activities can cause problems. Think about the Board’s quandary (hypothetically) in approving the generous donation of a nude painting. Or a hot tub installation?

So, the Board has approved a Policy and Guidelines (created by Gale Alexander and Jeff Asher) to ensure that we are equally respectful of all gifts and donors. The takeaway: Unrestricted cash is the best way to donate to the UUCD.

Task Forces: The Board has found that a limited-time task force that focuses on a specific area is quite efficient.

This approved policy (created and proposed by Jeff Asher) lists the Board’s protocols for creating an ad hoc task force, keeping up with its work, and receiving its final report and presentation.

In this way, we can ensure that the Board best utilizes the hard work of those task force members and takes timely actions as a result of their work.

We wish you all health and prosperity in the New Year.