Thank You Notes

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your recent gift to the Unitarian Universalist Association’s Diseaster Relief Fund.

Your gift allows the UUA to provide financial assistance to UU congregations impacted by natural disasters. In addition to facilitating their own disaster recovery, congregations receiving disaster reflief funds have discretion to provide financial assistance to their members, as well as to support local partner organizations serving the community at large.

Your gift is already making a difference and benefitting people whose lives have been turned upside down.

Dear Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Danbury,

We cannot thank you enough for your thoughtful and generous gift on 11/21/23.  With your help, ARC placed more of the greater Danbury area’s homeless residents into permanent supportive housing than any other organization. Over 500 people participated in ARC’s Domestic Violence Prevention classes. ARC’s Comida Food Pantry served far more fresh food to far more hungry families than ever before. And, ARC was able to distribute tens of thousands of dollars to help struggling families avoid eviction in the midst of a pandemic.

Though times are tough, and families are struggling to make ends meet, ARC has been blessed to see an increase within the community of kindness, generosity and love.

We continue to be inspired by good people like you, who are helping ARC fulfill our mission “to alleviate the causes of violence, suffering and hate, while advancing peace, justice and human Dignity.

Thank you,

Ari Rosenberg, Executive Director