February Sunday Services

February Services – One Service at 10 am

Feb. 4 The Under-Told Story Needed for Our Time / Tom Krattenmaker

Columnist and author Tom Krattenmaker will explore the ethical formation and insights we can draw from engaging deeply with the story of the universe. The fact we’re made of stardust is more than a cool idea, he contends. Contained therein is a compelling set of values vital for our time and a story that can help humanity regain its bearings. 

Our Share the Plate offering will be for Jericho Partnership. Lisa Siedlecki, Co-Executive Director, will speak about Jericho Partnership, a faith-based non-profit with a mission to meet the academic, physical, social, and spiritual needs of Danbury’s at-risk youth, for God’s glory. We do this through wraparound programs and services including mentoring, after-school tutoring, summer learning program, social-emotional wellness initiatives, college/job/life prep workshops, food pantry, daily meals for our students, weekend meal support for public school students in need, and pediatric healthcare. We have an impact on the lives of more than 4,250 individuals annually.

Feb. 11 Pebs and Bristol Bucks /  Rev. Tony Lorenzen

Rev. Tony reflects on poverty, debt, late-stage capitalism, and hopeful economic alternatives that prioritize community, showing appreciation, and mental health instead of the accumulation of financial resources.

Feb. 18  “We Are Not Going to Carry Your Water For You”: Beyond Land Acknowledgement / Todd Zagorec, Nancy Hershatter, and Darlene Anderson-Alexander  

Join members of the Sunday Services Team for an interactive service. We will explore together what our weekly land acknowledgement statement really means and how we might take an action-planning approach to showing solidarity with the local Paugussett people going forward. We will listen to native voices via readings, music, and interviews and then do some of our own work as justice-seeking Unitarian Universalists.  Come be part of the conversation!

Feb. 25 Evil and Ignorance / Rev. Tony Lorenzen

Rev. Tony reflects on stigmatizing ignorance and the uneducated in light of Deitrich Bonhoeffer’s contention that stupidity is a greater threat to the good than evil, and reminds us to beware of our own ignorance, not just that of others.