From Our Director of Religious Education for Children and Youth

by Rev. Sierra-Marie Gerfao

Upcoming In Children and Youth Religious Education (RE) 

On Sundays, children are invited to the upper level of the Fellowship Hall to attend the first part of the service with the adults. After the story portion of the service, children have the option to go downstairs for children’s programming. Teens of high school age do not attend the first part of service, but instead go straight to their meeting room in the cottage on Sunday mornings. 

  • Friday, February 2:  Group for Caregivers of LGBTQI+ Young People
  • Sunday, February 4: Regular Sunday morning programs; Junior High Youth Group meets Sunday evening 
  • Sunday, February 11: Regular Sunday morning programs
  • Sunday, February 18: Regular Sunday morning programs (note: Sierra-Marie will be away)
  • Sunday, February 25: Regular Sunday morning programs

Neighborhood Bridges: Resources for Learning About Buddhism

Our Neighborhood Bridges program is an opportunity for people of all ages to learn about and connect with the faith communities around us. In February we will learn about Buddhism. Let’s learn together! Please join us at 6:45PM, after the monthly Community Dinner on Wednesday, February 14th for a brief 101 program on Buddhism coordinated by Melody Levy. We are also planning a visit to the Buddhist Center in Carmel, NY, so stay tuned for information. In the meantime, check out this video introduction to Buddhism, this fact sheet on Buddhism, and this website with a variety of background materials, including information on differing forms of Buddhism and a reading list. 

Mystery Buddies

Depending on interest, some years we have offered a postcard exchange program in February or March to help nurture intergenerational connections in the congregation. Participants have exchanged postcards over three or four weeks with a “mystery buddy,” and then there is a finale during which everyone finds out who their buddy was. Is there interest this year? If you are interested, please email Sierra-Marie at