From the Board of Trustees

A Report from the President – Margaret Henderson

The Board – your Board – is going strong! Energy and participation in all corners are up since the pandemic — or since the lockdown I should say, since Covid is still circulating and there are still people getting long Covid or dying.

The UUA’s national General Assembly (GA) is not until June, but now is the time to register! This year it’s 100% virtual to make it more accessible for all UU’s. Next year it will be in Baltimore. The Board would like to remind everyone that UUCD has an endowment fund just to help members with the expense of attending GA. Black, Indigenous and people of color are particularly encouraged to attend since affinity groups are available at GA that aren’t available in our local congregation. For more info, go to

In other news the Auction Event Team is coming together! This team will be responsible for the “party” aspects of the auction to be held on November 2nd. They will:

  • come up with the theme in April, and meet a couple of times over the summer
  • decorate the venue (arrange to rent tables and chairs if needed)
  • provide appetizers and desserts, and beverages

If you would like to help out in even a small way, please contact a Board member. 

Since more people than ever seem to rely on our UU community gatherings these days, plans are underway to continue more activities through the summer this year. What activities at UUCD would you most like to see continue year round? 

Other important items you’ll be hearing more about this month include:

  • our annual pledge drive, which provides more than half our funds each year.
  • Nominating Committee is putting together a slate of trustees for next year’s Board. If you’re interested, please contact Jackie Alexander.
  • Our buildings need some attention to their infrastructure. The Board is considering a number of capital projects for the upcoming year. 

Finally, I want to take this chance to thank all of you for being part of our UUCD community. Your presence and contributions mean more than you’ll ever know!