From the Board of Trustees

by Peter Horton

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Board Work

Have you ever thought about being on UUCD’s Board?  I think most of us have at one point or another. I’ve talked to folks who have flat out turned down being on a UU Board. I’ve been with folks who have come onto a UU Board and realized at some point during their tenure that it just wasn’t for them. I have to tell you, I think I’ve been on a UU Board for at least 12, maybe 14 years. I like it; I like Board work. I’m mystified why others don’t like it. 

UU Board work is not like other non-profit boards. It takes time for a new member to integrate with the existing members. It takes time to figure out the processes and behaviors that the Board uses to get on with their business.  And it can be difficult to ascertain whether the Board is actually accomplishing anything at all.

For me, the biggest challenge, even after all these years of Board work, is moving from “me” to “we”. It gives me an opportunity to focus and appreciate each individual’s mindset. Why did they say that? Am I engaging with folks in a way that is helpful to them and myself? That’s a spiritual practice for me.

I believe that we are leading the congregation somewhere, not just overseeing our finances and our programs. I think my personal relationship with UUCD is enhanced and my spirituality deepened by our focus on our future, be that what will happen in the next few months to what will happen over the next few years. That’s one of the big reasons I like Board work.

I think every one of us is looking to make sense of our lives; to have a meaningful life. Being on UUCD’s Board helps give my life meaning.