May Sunday Services

May Services – One Service at 10am

May 5                               
Love Across Enduring Lines of Difference                          
Katie Grosh

How do we handle encounters with fundamental differences? Katie Grosh (MDiv ’22, Yale Divinity School) will share from her experiences working in interfaith chaplaincy, environmental sciences, and with the Life Worth Living project at Yale, to share examples of pluralism in practice. We will consider how love allows us to expansively connect with and care for our human and other-than-human neighbors, while honoring and celebrating our uniqueness’s. 

May 12                               
‘We Are Not Going to Carry Your Water For You’:  Beyond Land Acknowledgement
Nancy Hershatter and Todd Zagorec

Join members of the Sunday Services Team for an interactive service today.  As a follow-up to the service in February when we welcomed the Clan Mother of the Golden Hill Paugussett people to our pulpit, we will explore together what our weekly land acknowledgement statement really means and how we might take an action-planning approach to showing solidarity with the local Paugussett people going forward. We will listen to native voices via readings, music, and interviews and then do some of our own work as justice-seeking Unitarian Universalists.  Come be part of the conversation!

Our Share-the-Plate offering will go to the Golden Hill Pagussett Tribe.

May 19                                                                                  
What Do You Have in Common With a Bird?
Revs. Tony Lorenzen and Sierra-Marie Gerfao

Revs. Tony and Sierra-Marie reflect on the ways humans learn in this multigenerational service and celebration of the 2023-2024 children and youth programs.

May 26
Slow Down!                                             
Rev. Sierra-Marie Gerfao

Rev. Sierra-Marie reflects on the joys of slowness and reasons to embrace inefficiency. Come be challenged by this counter-cultural invitation to not be the fastest or the best.