From the Board of Trustees

Annual Meeting         

Please attend the June 2nd Annual Meeting at 11:30 after the service. Members will vote on the 2024-25 budget for UUCD and elect at least one new Board member – hopefully two. Childcare will be provided in the form of a simultaneous Children’s Annual Meeting. There will also be a Zoom link available, to be sent out that morning.

The term Beloved Community sounds generous, comforting, and you can create it. Serving on UU Danbury’s Board of Trustees is one way to do that. The board meetings are a place where all voices may be heard – unusual in my experience. I am grateful and often learn things that change my perspective. We prioritize treating each other with care and we accomplish a lot. If, like me, you never considered serving on UU Danbury’s Board of Trustees, maybe you are exactly who is needed. If you’re interested, contact Jackie Alexander with the Nominating Committee.

The past year included: 

  • Welcoming a new minister, 
  • Welcoming more families, children, and young people with Sierra-Marie’s creative programs — which included a Bounce House last September!
  • An open discussion of Palestine, Israel, and the US was held, as was a Passover Seder,
  • A committee formed to plan an in-person Auction Event for this fall, 
  • We selected and installed sound panels in Fellowship Hall, and redesigned the entry way, 
  • We continued: Community Dinners with Neighboring Faiths programs, Movies with a Message, Chalice Circles led by Rev. Tony, Music at the Ridge and more. You can find a more in depth listing of ways to connect with and serve others at this link
  • You can even submit your own idea for an event.

Check the Calendar at, managed by Sherry, for times and dates. Some activities may pause for a few months, but many of us will be around and meeting all summer. 

See you at the Annual Meeting on June 2nd!