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From our Minister

After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.

~ English author, Philip Pullman 

Much of this congregational year our Sunday services and other events have focused on stories: our own stories, the story of our congregational history, stories from … read more.

General Assembly registration is now open!

This year the Unitarian Universalists’ annual conference, known as GA (General Assembly), will be held in Pittsburgh June 21-25. 

So why think about it now, in February? Two reasons: Pittsburgh is close enough that we might rent a van and drive together; and, registration fees go … read more.

Coming in March

“Mistakes and Miracles,” the Unitarian Universalist Common Read

The discussions of “Mistakes and Miracles,” the Unitarian Universalist Common Read for 2023, will occur in March. The start has been delayed until after the recent restocking of the book at the UUA bookstore (also available through … read more.

Volunteers Needed

Buildings & Grounds Help Needed! 

There is an urgent need for two people to join the Buildings & Grounds Administration Team (BGAT). With support and guidance from the Board, this committee makes day-to-day decisions about what must be done to maintain our facilities. It collects bids … read more.

Upcoming Events

Workshop on Feb 25: “So You’re Working on the 8th Principle…” 

Congregations throughout the Central East Region of the UUA are at different stages of work on the 8th Principle (see text below*). Sign up for this year’s “New Day Rising” event to learn from neighboring … read more.

From the Board of Trustees

 by Peter Horton

 …the awkward truth – Rev. Michael O’Sullivan 

Nothing is certain but death and taxes 

 “we crave certainty…” “we seek certainty because it is a comfort” 

 As a faith we do not offer certainty 

 Certainty is a comfort. It’s why we plan for … read more.

Notes on 200 Years (and More)

by Douglas H. Parkhurst 

This month’s article is adapted from the “Welcome” given by this writer at the bicentennial celebration service of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Danbury, Connecticut, (UUCD) on
Sunday morning, October 16, 2022.

We are here on a very special Sunday. Today we … read more.

200 Years and More – Our History

In 2022, UUCD Member, Doug Parkhurst wrote a series of articles, Notes on 200 Years (and More), in our monthly newsletters. To read – or print – a compilation of all these articles, commemorating our 200th anniversary please click here. If you have … read more.

January Services – One Service at 10am

Sunday, January 1                         Sing in the New Year
Nancy Hershatter 

This casual service on New Year’s Day will offer a simple sing-along with coffee and doughnuts! Feel free to bring an instrument and join in the fun, or just come to enjoy the music and the … read more.