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February Sunday Services

February Services – One Service at 10 am

Feb. 4 The Under-Told Story Needed for Our Time / Tom Krattenmaker

Columnist and author Tom Krattenmaker will explore the ethical formation and insights we can draw from engaging deeply with the story … read more.

From the Board of Trustees

by John Miglietta, Vice-President

When we ‘sign the book’ to become a member of UUCD, one of the things we agree to is to ‘Pledge to support our congregation’.  We each understand that this means monetarily, to give something to help provide for the physical building, … read more.

Ministry/Team News

From the Social Action Council                                                          

                                                                     Soup Kitchen Corner                           by Judy Lacker                                        

On Saturday, February 3rd, some members of Soup Kitchen Team 4 (Team Leaders Bruni Edwards and Yvonne Ruddy-Stein, Joanne Davidson, the Parr Family, the Boninsinga/Twombly Family, Ali Haffner) will be returning to the … read more.

Upcoming Events – February

New Group for Caregivers of LGBTQIA+ Young People

Parents of LGBTQIA+ young people, please join us in gathering on the first Friday of every month from 7:30-9PM for mutual support and celebration of our kids. Our February meeting will take place on February 2nd.  Please RSVP … read more.

Notes on 200 Years and More

Notes on Two Hundred Years (and More)

by Douglas H. Parkhurst

The past few ‘Notes on 200 Years…’ articles focused on people and events from the first part of the twentieth back to the late eighteenth centuries. This month we will look at more recent happenings at … read more.

Spiritual Challenge

An Examination of Conscience for Lingering Prejudices

This month’s theme is liberating love and my challenge to you is examine your conscience for lingering prejudices.  Most good-hearted people are aware of prejudice and understand that even the best of us have certain biases and prejudices, … read more.

From the Board of Trustees

Happy Holidays to all!

With all that is happening in the world, I thought I would turn to the mundane for this, the first 2024 Comment article from your UUCD Board.

I expect for some it will be a relief not to talk about the news. … read more.