Religious Education 2019-2020

Programming is available for children in pre-school through 12th grade during the 10:00 AM services. All groups begin in Fellowship Hall.  Children (pre-school – 8th grade) are escorted down the stairs at the conclusion of the “Children’s Focus” – a time in the service when a short Unitarian Universalist message is shared with the congregation. Youth (9th – 12th grade) will then go to the Cottage.  Sometimes this schedule will change, as for RE Worship Circles, multi-age RE programming, multi-generational Services, or other special events. Greeters are always available in the Sanctuary to help visitors feel comfortable.

Childcare for babies and children through age three is available during the service. The nursery room is located downstairs in the main building (Sanctuary). It is staffed by an early childhood educator and an assistant. Childcare is also available during Multi-generational services.

The doors to the Ridge House are locked for security during Religious Education program hours. Parents/Caregivers are given access to the door key code and the Greeters are also available to help visiting families to gain access to the building.

Religious Education sessions conclude at 11:30 AM after the 10:00 AM service.

Children in grades K-5 are often brought upstairs to the Sanctuary for refreshments by their group leaders. Families are welcome to go downstairs (prek-5th grades) or go to the Ridge House (6th-12th grades) to pick up their children at the conclusion of the Religious Education session and, of course, are always welcome to visit our classrooms.

We are committed to maintaining the safest atmosphere possible for the children, youth and adults at our congregation. To that end, all of our Religious Education volunteers go through a background check in accordance with our congregation’s Safe Congregation Policy. All of our groups have at least two adult volunteers present at all times.

All of our children and youth – regardless of the curricular focus of the year or of their particular group – learn to frame their experiences in the world according to the Seven Principles that all Unitarian Universalist congregations together affirm and promote. They also gain experience in our shared “living tradition” of wisdom and spirituality, drawn from many sources.

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PreK through 2nd Grade (orange group)


3rd through 5th Grades (green group)


6th through 8th Grades (blue group)


9th through 12th Grades (purple group)


SUUnday FUUnday! Prek-12th Grades


Social Justice Intercession



Our Seven Unitarian Universalist Principles for Young People

We Believe:

  1. That everyone is special and important.
  2. That we should treat each other fairly and with understanding.
  3. That our congregations are places where all people are accepted and where we learn together.
  4. That each person must be free to search for what is true and right in life.
  5. That everyone should have a vote about the things that concern them.
  6. In working for a peaceful, fair and free world.
  7. In caring for our Earth and all its inhabitants.


The Sources of Unitarian Universalism for Young People

We Learn:

  • That being a part of life is a wonderful mystery.
  • About strong and good women and men who have lived fair and kind lives.
  • To appreciate the wisdom of different peoples. This inspires us to live better lives.
  • That our Jewish and Christian roots tell us of God’s love and teach us to love our neighbors as ourselves.
  • From those that believe in the goodness of all human beings, the value of using our own minds as we live our lives.
  • And celebrate the circle of life and rhythms of nature embodied in Earth-centered traditions.