Chair Yoga –Meditation -Breath Control –
Deep Relaxation – Laughing Yoga – Chanting

Come join this new class and become connected to our happy little group. We meet on Wednesdays 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm UUCD lower level. Chair Yoga Classes are FREE for all UUCD members and friends. The importance for seniors to maintain flexibility and mobility cannot be overstated. So often this vital human function gets lost or totally ignored. Perhaps it’s time to consider a new healthy activity and begin to create a more peaceful mind and body for yourself. 
         You’ll find the gentle stretches both sitting and standing can have a wonderful effect on a person’s body and sense of well being.  All aspects of this class are designed to lead a person to a feeling of physical well being and learning to become calmer in their daily life.
         You will have the opportunity to learn:  Chair Yoga, deep breathing, meditation, special chanting techniques for calming the mind, tapping for health, laughter yoga and deep relaxing.
 Participants need to contact their doctor or medical provider for approval before attending this Chair Yoga Class. In the event you have questions, concerns, or to register, feel free to contact us.