Chalice Circles Small Group Ministry are Started  October 17th  2023 

Chalice Circles are groups of 6 to 12 people that meet monthly for deep spiritual reflection related to the monthly theme of Rev. Tony’s sermons. The chalice circles use Parker Palmer’s Circle of Trust method in which everyone practices deep listening progressively creating a safer space building relationships among the participants.  In this method there is no cross talk or discussion. No fixing, no teaching, no setting each other straight. Rather as time goes participants gain a deeper understanding of their own heart and their own perspectives, the supportive listening environment creates a space for each participant to better be able to hear the still small voice.   

Rev. Tony facilitates the groups and each month participants will receive in advance of the chalice circle a set of resources containing reflection questions, quotes, and other things to encourage pondering the theme of the month. Each session lasts between 45and 90 depending on the size of the group.  The sessions begin with a chalice lighting and then a time for checking in and sharing milestones, followed by sharing reflections related to the thematic resources. Sessions end with extinguishing the chalice.  

You can sign up for a circle by contacting Rev. Tony or by using the registration form online here: