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Religious Education News July/ August 2022

From Our Director of Religious Education For Children and Youth

What Will Happen in Religious Education – 2022-2023? 

Religious Education programs are on summer break but will return in September. There will be multiple components of the upcoming year in Religious Education. To the extent that … read more.

Music at the Ridge

by Nancy Hershatter
Beginning on October 2, one Sunday per month at 4:00 p.m. our Fellowship Hall will ring with the sounds of a brand new live music series which we are calling Music at the Ridge. These live acoustic music shows will feel like a … read more.

Calling All of Us for Juneteenth Celebration!

Join us for the Juneteenth — National Independence Day — Celebration 2022! The theme is “Honoring our Heritage: Forging the Future.” Come help us build connections in the community and bear out our 8th Principle by showing our support for the past and future of … read more.

Religious Education – June 2022

From Our Director of Religious Education For Children and Youth 

Congratulations to the high school class of 2022! 

We were so glad to bless your journey into young adulthood during your Bridging Ceremony in May. 

Em Strilowich first came to the UU Congregation of Danbury around 2010. She … read more.

Ministry/Team News

From the Membership Team
Sunday Connections for Newcomers – Newcomers are invited to join Rev. Kathleen after the service
on Sunday, June 12, in the Fellowship Hall for an informal get-acquainted session. Let us know what brought you here. What questions do you have about Unitarian Universalism … read more.

Religious Education News

by Sierra-Marie Gerfao, Director of Religious Education for Children and Youth 
Religious Education Survey Results 
Thank you to the eleven families that have responded to the Religious Education survey about the 2022-2023 year. If you have children or youth in your household and have not yet responded, … read more.

From the Board of Trustees

by Michele Cousens,

As you read this, UU Danbury will have just ended a successful Stewardship Campaign. Thanks to Captain Peter Horton, and to all of you who pledged for our 2022-2023 congregational year – we will all benefit from your generosity!

Now, what to … read more.

Religious Education May/June

Important Announcement About Sunday Services and Religious Education 

Beginning Sunday, May 1st and going through at least part of June, we will be experimenting with integrating Religious Education for children into Sunday services instead of having children go to separate programs during the services. … read more.

Book Conversation Group

On Thursday, April 21st , the Book Conversation Group will be discussing “Mine!” by Michael Helter and James Salzman. It explores the topic of ownership and how the hidden rules of ownership control our lives. For example, why is plagiarism wrong, but it’s OK to … read more.